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We are based in Elmhurst, New York and our production house is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Because of that it is one of the best one stop destinations for a low-cost image editing solution. We can provide you with the rock bottom price for your ecommerce product photo editing. Premium quality photo retouching is our only mission and vision.

“You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things. Outsource your image post processing and concentrate on what you do best.”

History of Tradexcel

Tradexcel Graphics was established in 2001 as an extension of Aftab IT. Later, we emerged as a separate entity from our mother’s concern, Aftab IT, one of the most successful ventures in Bangladesh. Currently, we are one of the best companies in Bangladesh providing Image editing services on a very large scale.

Aftab IT is also a part of Aftab Group, one of the vintage businesses established by the late Zahurul Islam (S/O. Late Aftab Uddin). Zahurul Islam was the richest man in Bangladesh during his era (1976-1997). After his demise, his wide range of businesses was divided into Navana, Islam, and Aftab Groups. And later, through the evolution of the Aftab Group, Tradexcel Graphics was born.

All About Us

  • Our Services
  • Who We Serve
  • Our Capacity
  • Clipping path service (Simple to complex clipping path, background removal, color correction.
  • Creative Photo Manipulation (Product background change, old photo restoration.
  • Photo Retouching (Portrait retouching, Fashion retouching, Photo restoration, Photo enhancement.
  • Color Separation (CMYK color separation, RGB color separation, Color Correction.
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect ( Neck joint service, Bottom joint, Sleeve joint, 3D/360 Ghost mannequin effect.
  • E-commerce Photo Editing (Product photo retouching and enhancement, photoshop shadow effect, jewelry retouching service.
  • Image Masking (Layer masking, alpha masking, transparent masking.

We have and still serve many small and medium-sized companies and corporations in North America and Europe by supporting large scale image editing and graphic design needs. We provide and are capable of providing large scale support to the following:

  • Graphic Design Firms and Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies (both Print and Web)
  • Multimedia Advertising Agencies
  • Magazine and News Publication Firms
  • Ecommerce Site Management Firms
  • Product and Fashion Photographers
  • Prepress Agencies
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • And a whole lot more.

We have over 17+ years of experience in the image editing industry and now our works prove our capacity in this industry. The number of our resources given below are not just only on the pen and paper thing, we have trained and proven photoshop experts to work on the images.

Awesome Skills

Clipping Path
Photo Retouching
Photo Masking
Color Correction
eCommerce Photo Editing
Ghost Mannequin

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