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TradeXcel Graphics, a world-class pre-press photo editing service provider, offers seamless, effective and high-quality image editing solutions at an economical price range. We prefer Quality over price. We never deliver lower standards or quality when dealing with any image editing services.

We have been in the photo editing industry with 17+ years of experience to deliver the one-stop solution for all the image editing services. With an adequate support system, TradeXcel Graphics contributes significantly to the photo editing industry and still providing high-end photoshop services to gratify your photo editing requirements. We magnify your business profit, not your production expense.

Having a team consist of 200 skilled professionals, we can deliver multiple services on Clipping Path, eCommerce Photo editing, Ghost Mannequin Effects, Image Manipulation, Photo Retouching, Color Correction, Raster to Vector (R2V), etc.

The glittering names of our respected clients belong to renowned companies, print, and advertising agencies, famed photographers, fashion houses all over the world. These are the references for our skills and effort.

Clipping Path Service

Retailers or photographers – everyone looks forward to the image quality and brand reputation. But image editing involves meticulous attention to give an artistic touch for having a natural like image look. Our top-class service ensures you the exact value of your money.

Ghost Mannequin Service

When selling products or vending online, displaying images of your garments without the dummy or model are money-saving. Today’s customers need and want an impressive, real hollow effect so that apparels seem real and natural. Our invisible mannequin effect services meet your demands..

Photo Retouching Service

Photo retouching or airbrushing is used to fix any fault and improve the color tonality of an image. Our outstanding services help your product image to glow, and look bright. Change the appearance of your images by accelerating the beauty for an eye-catching look.

eCommerce Photo Editing Service

Cutting a good revenue from the eCommerce site depends upon high-quality images. A grand touch by photo editing for 3D shadow creation, background removal help change the scenario of your business. We can make the presentation of your products into an attractive way.

Image Masking Service

Image masking in Photoshop allows the removal of a few sharp or transparent objects, cut off the background, mask the layer, fur or hair removal, etc. We help you out in reducing effort and saving bucks.

Background Removal Service

When you’re concerned to take a background away or sidetracking detail to accent the subject, background removal technique comes effective. Revive your damaged image and eliminate the unwanted strains to an original yet glamorous look. We help improve the elegance of your memorable images.

Color Correction Service

Modifying the color correction, varying to altered colors or recoloring to blend well-adjusted color for a protruding image is the way to eliminate visible imperfections. This service is valued to your products when marketing online. We can give a glamorous touch to your images.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Photography has been rushed by the strong demand and the necessity to fix the image quality through image editing process due to the continuous development of modern technology.

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  • Color Separation
  • Shadow Creation
  • High-End Retouching
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Fashion Retouching
  • Photo Restoration

Salient Color Separation Service: Alter Spot to Process Colors

Let me start with some basic information about color separation before I start highlighting on the main topic, which is – color separation service. What is Color separation process? It is a traditional technique which is used to convert RGB image to CMYK. This act helps yielding an infinite range of colors.

What to know about Color Separation Service?

It is such a process that is quite conventional for screen printing. This technique is very handy for the printing industry. Earlier the color separation was a very complicated task. Without any doubt, the skill and vision power requirement was indubitably the top-class. But how to separate gradient colors in Photoshop? In these days, modern software is very useful to separate color with ease. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best color separation software which we use as the best color separation guide.  Read More

Photoshop Shadow Creation Service: Drop Shadow | Reflection Shadow

Image shadow creation is a great way to provide a natural outlook to an image. Adding shadow or creating drop shadow makes the object dynamic. It makes the image attracting and suitable for use in digital marketing.

What Is Photoshop Shadow Creation Service?

Shadow creation is a modern technique to engage your customer toward your product on an e-commerce website. Improved product appeal is an essential factor to influence and success of a digital marketing campaign. By image shadow creation, you can represent your product in a new way to your customer, which can be influential for their purchase decision. TradeXcel Graphic is able to transform image shadow creation to give you the best service for your business. Our attractive image shadow can improve the clients’ attraction for your product by proving a natural 3D look to it. Read More

Splendid High End Photo Retouching Service: Enhance The Overall Look

To keep every niceties and image texture unbroken without fading the natural look possibly it could is known as high end photo or image retouching. So, the service is intended to offer is high end photo retouching service. Read the article why you may need this service.

What to Know About Our High End Photo Retouching Service?

Think, a shutterbug fails to click photos in an event for less lighting, you will never make the situation ever again. However, TradeXcel Graphics is flourishing to restore old pictures or repair old photos in low or poor light. Therefore, we gain fame as the best wedding photo retouching services around the world. Read More

Portrait Retouching Service: Swells the Charisma by Retouching Images

Portrait retouching is a remarkable way to beautify the model by using airbrushing in different body parts. This technique is famous from the beginning of image manipulation.

What Is Portrait Retouching Service?

Today the portrait retouching becomes very popular in common people. And they even do not know they are using the portrait image retouching. Most of the common smartphone camera has a beautification option. This helps to create an automatic portrait retouch. But the phone Photo retouching cannot hold the natural appeal of an image. Therefore, professional portrait retouching service has a high demand. Read More

Fashion Retouching Services | Outtakes from Skillful High End Editing

Fashion retouching is a priceless trail to augment the beauty of fashion photography. A considerable number of tasks required to perform for post-production and before launching regardless of fashion photography or photoshoot. So, fashion retouching services are indispensable at the current juncture.

What to Know About Fashion Retouching Services?

Fashion retouching is a highly skilled task which needs more time to beautify the image object. Multiple parts of an image undergo in a series of modifications to create attraction is an image which may be a master click or general. Fashion photographers and Ad-makers have an extreme need for this image retouching. This artwork is different from portrait and other forms of image manipulationRead More

Digital Photo Restoration Service: Revive Your Unforgettable Memories

Photo restoration is a beautiful way to regain the original form of an image by clearing the noise, restoring the color, fixing the blur. It is also an estimation of required cleanliness in a corrupt image. Visionary imagination and skill in point spread function can bring the best result while traveling the time. Unlike a few Photo editing services, Photo restoration service is essential to yield a realistic image.

Photo Restoration Service: What Is this for?

By antique Photo restoration process, you can live your old memories or save a rare picture that represents a generation. Along with the skill of using the updated technology, logical imagination is vital to create a perfect restoration. Read More

What Makes Tradexcel Graphics Different

Discover why many of the world’s best brands choose to work with Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. Make an impact in your retail and photography business with us.

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Skilled resources are key to our success, we keep them up to date with current trend and technology.

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Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, it can be as low as 4 hours for emergency purposes.

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The TGL production team and customer service operates 24/7 for your convenience.

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Quality is our main strength, our skilled resources are commuted to deliver the guaranteed quality.

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We are commuted to response to any query within 10 minutes