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Multiple clipping is a service that has been created to ensure that retouchers do not have any of their time waste for both product and fashion photographers. Experts specializing here will perfectly separate each color from the product or your models’ outfit to enable you to work with your heart’s desires. You only need to do one thing; provide your preferable specifications and leave the rest to be set straight on the exact time you give.

Multiple clipping path or overlapping services are the major thing that attracts clients worldwide, the we Arafin Media meet all the demands with high experiences, all the four ways of attaining multiple clipping are up to the required standards in line with all the instructions you give.

Some of Our Precious Efforts in Action

Why Outsource Ecommerce Photo Editing Services to Us?

  • Competitive Price
  • Fastest Turnaround
  • Guaranteed NDA
  • Skilled Resources

If you run for the cheapest price you will find it but you will get moderate, sometimes even low-quality image editing service. It doesn’t mean we are telling you to spend more because we know price is always an issue. So we at TGL, offer you premium quality image editing services at a  competitive price.

With big projects, meeting deadlines gets tougher and tougher. You get distracted due to workload and your business might get hampered because of that. No matter how big your project is, TGL offers you a lightning-fast turnaround time. With us, you can relax and concentrate on your part of the job.

We respect your work and know what it takes to make something unique. With that belief, Tradexcel Graphics provides guaranteed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) support from us for your project. We also ensure secure file transfer with faster internet speed and a hassle-free payment process. Respect and trust are the two things that we work for.

With over 170+ skilled photoshop experts, we believe we have established the best in business working process for the cutout process. As image cutout is a tiresome job, continuous supervision and attention to detail are required. At TGL, we blend experience and technology together. Your project is our responsibility..

What Makes Tradexcel Graphics Different

Discover why many of the world’s best brands choose to work with Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. Make an impact in your retail and photography business with us. 

170+ Skilled Resources

Skilled resources are key to our success, we keep them up to date with current trend and technology.

Quick Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, it can be as low as 4 hours for emergency purposes.

24/7 Operation

The TGL production team and customer service operates 24/7 for your convenience.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is our main strength, our skilled resources are commuted to deliver the guaranteed quality.

Response Time

We are commuted to response to any query within 10 minutes

Types of Product Photo Editing Service We Provide

The bottom line is that today’s new generation of customers will not buy online products that do not have professional high-quality visual representations. Every product sends a different message to the consumer. Images tell stories and can immediately attract customers. Product photography sends an instant impression to the customer. Photo editing styles will depend on each specific product and the overall message trying to reach the customer.

Elevated Product Photo Retouching & Enhancement

Make every product photo count. Glossy and shiny products, like smartphones, watches, sunglasses require retouching services. Retouching services ensure that glossy finishes, dust, scratches, go unseen by the customer’s eye. Subtleties in product photos like scratches or light-breaches can subconsciously distract the consumer. To ensure consistency and quality, professional product photo retouching services should be rendered to avoid losing potential customers. Quality sells and visual branding matters when showcasing products. Image enhancements, such as contrast or saturation adjustments can elevate product photos and offer added value. At Tradexcel graphics, our dedicated team of professional designers can offer high-quality product retouching and enhancement services to make your product stick out above the rest.

Photoshop Shadow Effects

Increase credibility and customer trust by adding subtle photo effects like shadows to instantly enhance product photographs. The more professional your photos, the more credible your customer will view you. Establishing customer trust at the get-go is essential for a positive customer experience. Go from amateur to professional with just a few edits. Separate yourself from the competition by adding shadows to create products with depth and contrast. Drop shadows, reflection shadow, natural shadows are a few options available and can make products look more real to create greater customer trust and credibility. Investing in the details will set your brand apart from those who neglect their images and branding.

Product Photo Background Removal

Need a white background quickly? We provide rapid product photo background removal to ensure your photo stands out. White backgrounds increase usability and accessibility and are the industry standard for selling eCommerce products. Photos with white backgrounds look great on web pages and allow customers to quickly scan the page and identify desired products. White backgrounds remove any potential doubt or confusion on what you are selling. We can also use background removal to replace backgrounds with other colors or images if desired. Our professionals can remove photo impurities and imperfections to make flawless product photos that will improve your customer’s eCommerce experience and sell more products. The simpler the better.

Photo Color Correction

Does your product have multiple versions and colors? Are you spending valuable hours shooting all the different versions of your product? Looking for a one-stop solution? With Photoshop, our professionals are able to use one product photograph to create all versions and colors. Through color correction and color separation, we can change any color and save your team time and costs. With advanced photoshop tools, we ensure you only have to shoot the basics and we will take care of the rest. Our highly experienced professionals will ensure that all your product versions and colors are accurately represented saving you time and money. Let us focus on the product photo details while you focus on expanding your business. 

Experience Our Seamless Workflow

The following are some simple steps that should guide you on how to reach us and access our services:

First, you need to request a quote of all the images you would want to be edited for the company

In less than forty-five minutes, you will receive an email that has your quote

Allow us to continue working on your project

In less than six hours, you will get your photos or images perfectly worked on to satisfy your needs.

For any photo editing services for your professional product or model, you can be assured to get quality service from Arafin Media

Prices of Product Photo Editing Services

White background product photography requires background removal service to bring the true potential and generate profits. For the professional online retailer, tradexcel graphics give the fastest turnaround time for any amount of product photo at a competitive price.

Our Basic Ecommerce Photo Editing Service Start @ $0.75

Benefits for Customers with Bulk Orders

15% Off

Who Orders

50-250 Photos


30% Off

Who Orders

250-1000 Photos

50% Off

Who Orders

1000-5000 Photos

Successful eCommerce sites all share one thing in common; high quality product photos. Top-notch quality product images will be the deciding factor when your ideal customer is choosing between you and your competitor. To stand out from the crowd, product photo should be your number one priority. To elevate your current product photos, we offer advanced eCommerce photo editing services to bring your brand to the next level.

Why All eCommerce Sellers Should Use Image Editing Services?

All online businesses and marketplaces should be taking advantage of eCommerce image editing services. Attracting new customers depends on the visual experience. To ensure your images are up to industry standards, the best photo editing company will provide that extra boost of creativity and professionalism to your product photos.

When you see product images on Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart what catches your eye? What products are you naturally drawn to? Odds are the same for the customer. White background, shadow effect, and color enhancements are all commonalities of the most popular and trendy brands online. This also goes for other eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Weebly, OpenCart, or Big Cartel. All share the same common denominator for success; professional product photography. As many eCommerce vendors have thousands of bulk images for Businesses can be made or broken with just a photo.

As we know, many eCommerce marketplaces sell thousands of items with thousands of color variations. Our experienced professional can help streamline your product image editing process and ensure your customer stays on your page. We can turn poorly photographed products into enticing works of art that allure your customer with our technical editing skills. We can turn any photo into a high-selling product photograph.

Why Our eCommerce Product Photo Editing Service Is the Way to Boost Sales

At the core of our services, we ensure your product is accurately represented so the customer knows exactly what they are getting. Our specialty and high-end picture editing services ensure higher profits and greater brand engagement. We offer reasonable prices by our talented team of the best eCommerce product photo editing professionals in Asia and the world.

We honor our professionalism and optimism to help our clients grow their eCommerce business and ensure their customers have the best experience. TradeXcel Graphics will take your business where it needs to go. We help our clients on the go and our highly-skilled team provides the best eCommerce image editing services in the world.

Benefits of Advanced Product Photography Editing Services

There are millions of products online. With the snap of a finger, your customer can be gone. The visual makes the biggest difference as almost 99 percent of purchasing decisions are directly impacted by emotions. Captivating the customer with highly-professional product photography will make a difference in customer retention.

Different products will require different editing services. Our photo editing service professionals at Tradexcel Graphics are the best at what they do. Our team can give your products a competitive edge to reach your sales targets quicker. How? Through our specialized photo editing services, we can ensure your product photography meets the high aesthetic standards of modern-day consumers.

Additional photo editing services:

  • Change the images milieu, size, shape, resolution, without making it look unnatural
  • Create shadow for a 3D effect to make photos more interactive
  • Adjustment in shade, background, brightness, and noise
  • Clarify certain regions of images while softening others to highlight key features
  • Customize the image by adding or removing anything that distracts from the product value
  • Reduce overhead costs, increase sales and return on investment
  • Glossy finishing helps to improve sales and revenue
  • Suitable for e-commerce SEO and digital marketing campaign

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Outsource Photography editing services From Industry Leading Product Photo Editor

As the industry leader, Tradexcel Graphics knows exactly how to catch any customer’s eye. We offer a natural look and high quality Photo Editing Services for Photographers that would never be questioned. Our professional photo editing services are provided by our highly experienced team of graphic designers. We know what sets apart successful eCommerce product photography from the failed ones. Our team will improve your customer experience with a quick turnaround time. We serve customers of all kinds; ranging from eCommerce site owners, product owners, advertising agencies, and product photographers. We have worked in almost every industry and are specialized in retail eCommerce.

Our team utilizes the following software programs;

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw
  • Sumo Patin
  • Gimp
  • PhotoScan
  • Autodesk 3Ds
  • digiKam

Our additional photo editing services include but are never limited to;

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation covers a wide range of editing techniques. The main goal is to improve the quality of the image by natural retouches and highlighting. This tool is helpful when working with product photography and portraits.

Shadow Creation

Shadow creation enhances your 2D image to give it a more 3D feel with shadowing effects. This gives the image more depth and contrast, which subconsciously gives the customer an illusion of being able to click the image, which can improve user retention rates.

Image Masking

Image masking is a popular photo-editing process to hide unwanted elements in the background to better highlight the photographed image. Image masking gives a more professional look and feels, especially for product photos. We highly recommend image masking for all eCommerce photographs.

Color Correction

Color correction offers a solution for enhancing and ensuring the color is properly represented. Color correction ensures your customers know exactly what color they are going to receive and can minimize photoshoot costs by 70%.

Ghost Mannequin

In today’s market, customers want the full experience of a product. Meaning they want to know exactly what they are buying online before going through with it. Ghost mannequin is a technique to give photos a 3D of 360* effect. Increase return on investments by showcasing the entirety of your product.

Noise Dipping

It is an ecommerce image editing process applied for cleaning the picture by removing the undesired component from the image.

Best eCommerce Product Image Editing Services: Why Is It Essential for Your Customer Experience?

As one of the industry leaders in photo editing for eCommerce products, we provide

  • Our employees work together and all image manipulation services we offer come from our team; no sourcing
  • Our professionalism and logical approach make us the best eCommerce image editing service in Elmhurst NYC.
  • Our experts are heralds in emerging technologies and keep up with all photo editing trends and new software’s for top-notch photo editing

Boost Ecommerce Sales with The Most Trusted Photo Editing Providers

The visual identity of your brand is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Customers are drawn to high-quality images and will lose trust and most likely leave your site if your photos are not professional.

Let us help you sell products by just an image. At Tradexcel Graphics, we take pride in the way we increase our customer’s sales through top-notch photo editing services that drastically improve the overall customer experience. Our work speaks for itself, check out a more detailed list of our offerings here.


Most frequent questions and answers

In photography, the subject is what the photograph is about and the rest we can call it an object. But sometimes the subject can be metaphorically the whole photo. So then the object becomes elements that are used in the photograph to make it how it is.

Product photography is not always the same as the products are not the same either. So for different products, the studio setup is different but there is some basic equipment that remains common for every product photography. You can call this basic setup, the ultimate DIY guide for product photography. A premium DSLR camera with the necessary gear attached to it is the main equipment. A relatively white background setup is a basic setup for product photography though you need to do image retouching in post-processing to remove the dust stain if it appears in the photo.

To look better in photos you need to take care of a few things. The main two things are the lighting conditions and the rule of thirds. If you flawlessly do these two things your image will look better and so do you in it but in the raw image, you may find few issues that you can fix by correcting color and composition in the post processing according to you.

A professional product picture comes out only combining the dynamic shooting of a photographer and creative editing by Photoshop experts. There are a lot of image editing services that photo editors provide to enhance the photos. If you successfully can combine these two processes your product picture will stand out in the crowd.

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