Our Skills Sets & Resources

Skill Sets

We have a wide range of skilled employees, from graphic designers with Photoshop expertise to web developers. The versatile skills help us to provide top-notch photo editing services. We also have an uncompromising quality policy and tools to provide zero-tolerance, quality services. We are skilled in delivering the following fields:

Our Photo Post Processing and other Skills

Image Manipulation

Most of our professional photo editing experts are highly efficient in image manipulation. Our photo editors are capable of providing various services such as Clipping Path, image masking, shadow creation, product photo editing, image restoration, image cleaning and cloning, image resizing, color correction, background removal, jewelry retouching etc…

Low and High End Image Retouching

We also provide low and high end photo retouching in bulk. Our professional photoshop experts are capable of providing complex image retouching services such as : glamour retouching, fashion retouching, and image effects creation.correction, background removal, jewelry retouching etc…

Digital Illustrations and Conversion

We provide digital illustration services, which can be available in both raster and vector format. We also are capable of converting or illustrating vector images from raster copy.

Creative Graphic Design

We have top-notch creative graphic designers who are capable of designing various types of outputs for both print and web media. The creative graphic design services we provide are Corporate Identity Design, Advertisement Design, Print Media Layout Design (Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, etc.), Web Graphics, etc.

Typography and Prepress

We have various photo editing professional who are capable of providing various typography and prepress services. However, since most of our services are offered online, we only concentrate on online prepress services. The typography and prepress services we provide: Color Separation, Image Enlargement, Typography Design, Print Media Optimization, etc.

Print Media Specialists

We have various photo editing professional who are capable of providing various typography and prepress services. However, since most of our services are offered online, we only concentrate on online prepress services. The typography and prepress services we provide: Color Separation, Image Enlargement, Typography Design, Print Media Optimization, etc.

Digital Marketing (Print and Web) Specialists

We also have digital design and marketing specialists who understand your marketing needs and also can help you to drive a better marketing strategy through design. We are proficient in providing intelligence services for both print and web media.

Web Designers

We have professionals who have a great sense of design for web media. We have people who are capable of designing websites as well as optimizing images for use in web media. We have a large setup for providing large scale image optimization for eCommerce websites.

Web Developers

Our web developers are proficient in web media-based languages like PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Our web developers are also proficient in working on multi-platforms and multi-operating systems for multiple devices.

Network Administration

We have professionals proficient in working with iOS, Windows, and Linux/Ubuntu servers providing Network and Server Administration. They help provide smooth delivery of services as well as ensuring secured and safe file sharing.


Tradexcel Graphics has over 170+ professional and experienced photoshop experts, QC officials, 24/7 customer support team. Not only expert personnel, but we also have the latest image editing technology to match up all the trendy and new-age image editing techniques. This made us one of the best experienced one-stop photo editing solution company that has both strong and highly proficient resources.

IT Project Management

We have very highly skilled Project Managers who can work in large scale graphic design and IT-enabled services. They also have the skills to work in outsourcing and offshore environments.

Graphic Design Training

We have many in-house Photoshop trainers who provide us support for training, professional development, new technology introduction, creating awareness, compliance support, support for ensuring best practices in the graphic design and web design industry. 

Customer Service and Sales Support

We ensure the best experience for our customers. We have highly professional customer services and sales support people who can ensure exactly that for us. We have support for call center, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), image delivery support, etc. We have a strong team of customer service which operates 24/7 and who are trained to communicate with the clients regarding any production-related issues.

Operating Systems

We have proficient people who can work in various operating systems like: iOS, Windows, and Linux. We also have working experience in utilizing various premium and open source software in these operating systems.


We have image editing professionals who are skilled in using the following photo post processing software:

  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • Photoshop,
  • Illustrator,
  • Fireworks,
  • Flash,
  • Page Maker,
  • QuarkXPress
  • Microsoft Office Suites
  • GIMP

Software Resources

We use image editing software to accomplish your needs. We have a cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) for all of our Adobe Products including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


TGL has a highly sophisticated Server, and all the data transmission is processed under a secure channel. All the data and images are secured.

We have a dedicated internet connection for uploading your project to your FTP server.


We use highly configured PCs for graphics design and image editing solutions. We have 80 PCs and 20 iMacs. We have Cumulative Licensing Programs (CLP) for all of our Macs and PCs.

QA Tools and Technologies

We use customized software to check for errors. TGL Photoshop QA Tool, checks and resolves the following issues:

  1. Extra path (the software will detect and point out any extra path with a red circle).
  2. Open path (the software will detect and point out any open paths with a red circle).
  3. Extra/Unwanted anchor points (the software will detect any extra/unwanted anchor points and mark it with a red circle).
  4. Out of canvas anchor point/open path – detects and gives x/y axis values to find the point
  5. Detects and removes blank spaces before or after path names (i.e. “silo”, “path – “)
  6. Detects and replace capital letters (i.e. Path1 -> path 1)


We believe in top-notch quality for image editing with zero-tolerance and ensure the best turnaround time within our capacity. We have a very flexible capacity and firm plan for the future. Currently we have the following capacity:

  • 100,100 images per month
  • 120 workstations (both Mac & PC)
  • 36 Image Manipulation Trainees
  • 87 Junior Graphic Designers
  • 33 Senior Graphic Designers (Supervisors)
  • 28 Quality Assurance Professionals
  • 5 Production Management
  • NEC Express 5800/100 series R140a-4 server
  • Capability to work 24 hours in 3 batches
  • Image Post Processing Capacity
  • Human Resources
  • Physical Resources
  • Some Graphic Design Industry Stats of Bangladesh
  • 200 images per hour
  • 4,000 images per day
  • 25,000 images per week
  • 100,000 images per month
  • 30+ Image Manipulation Trainees
  • 30+ Junior Graphic Designers
  • 60+ Senior Graphic Designers (Supervisors)
  • 15 Quality Assurance Professionals
  • 5 Production Management
  • Workstation – 120 (both Mac & PC platform)
  • NEC Express 5800/100 series R140a-4 server
  • Own ISP (Tradexcel Graphics is a sister concern of Aftab IT, one of the largest ISPs in Bangladesh)
  • Licensed copy of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master (multiple users)
  • 3,500 sqft of production house with expansion flexibility to various other locations in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 50+ formal institutes for digital graphic design
  • 1,000+ private institutes training digital graphic designers
  • 800+ institutes in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 15,000+ digital graphic designers trained annually
  • 50,000,000+ people already working for the print and web media in Bangladesh
  • 1,000,000+ photography studios, image processing firms, prepress, print media employing digital graphic designers in Bangladesh
  • Better graphic design professionals than India within the same price range
  • Outsourcing firms provide the best remuneration package among all other local companies. Therefore, the cream of the industry can be ensured
  • The industry is highly adaptive to new technology and media.

These features of our industry put us in a favorable position to offer sustainable growth. And also ensures us to provide large scale and sustainable production at rock bottom price without compromising quality. With such scalability, we also can ensure a fast turnaround.

Quality is more important than price!

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