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Jewelry Photo Editing

With jewelry product photography and jewelry photo retouching service, it is easy to produce eye-catchy, desirable, and jaw-dropping jewelry photos for consumers. Jewelry products are shiny and tend to catch any distraction.

Whether it is dust, smudges, harsh photography lighting, reflections, shadows, etc.… whatever distraction has jewelry products attracts all. Jewelry photo retouching requires attention to detail in post-processing work to remove all the distractions entirely. Because of being so shiny and glittery product, the distractions are more visible.

If you want to remove and fix the distractions and make your jewelry product flawless, jewelry retouching service is the solution. If you are an online retailer who sells jewelry products, then this image editing service can boost your business surely. Products like necklaces, rings, and bracelets are not able to stand alone upright.

The image is interactive only if someone wears the piece or if photographers use props to do it. Model photos are good, but some customers prefer to view jaw-dropping jewelry images with nothing to distract.

Why Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services to us?

  • Competitive Price
  • Fastest Turnaround
  • Guaranteed NDA
  • Skilled Resources

If you run for the cheapest price you will find it but you will get moderate, sometimes even low-quality image editing service. It doesn’t mean we are telling you to spend more because we know price is always an issue. So we at TGL, offer you premium quality image editing services at a  competitive price.

With big projects, meeting deadlines gets tougher and tougher. You get distracted due to workload and your business might get hampered because of that. No matter how big your project is, TGL offers you a lightning-fast turnaround time. With us, you can relax and concentrate on your part of the job.

We respect your work and know what it takes to make something unique. With that belief, Tradexcel Graphics provides guaranteed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) support from us for your project. We also ensure secure file transfer with faster internet speed and a hassle-free payment process. Respect and trust are the two things that we work for.

With over 170+ skilled photoshop experts, we believe we have established the best in business working process for the cutout process. As image cutout is a tiresome job, continuous supervision and attention to detail are required. At TGL, we blend experience and technology together. Your project is our responsibility..

What Makes Tradexcel Graphics Different

Discover why many of the world’s best brands choose to work with Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. Make an impact in your retail and photography business with us. 


170+ Skilled Resources

Skilled resources are key to our success, we keep them up to date with current trend and technology.

Quick Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, it can be as low as 4 hours for emergency purposes.

24/7 Operation

The TGL production team and customer service operates 24/7 for your convenience.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is our main strength, our skilled resources are commuted to deliver the guaranteed quality.

Response Time

We are commuted to response to any query within 10 minutes

Types of Jewelry Retouching Services We Provide:

Whether you use models or props to shoot your jewelry product images, photo post-processing is a must to achieve the desired result you are looking for. There are a few categories of jewelry image editing services. We offer premium quality photo post-processing for jewelry product photos.

Jewelry products always require props and models to carry it, so that photographers can get a good look to photoshoot it. As a retailer, you can’t always showcase your products with props, and models in it. Sometimes you also get unwanted objects in your perfectly clicked frame. In these situations, you need to use remove background service for your jewelry images.

Shadows increase the authenticity of a photo. For a jewelry product to attract a large number of customer and sold online, authenticity, and trustworthiness is a must. As these are generally luxury and also expensive products, consumers need to believe by seeing your product presentation. So jewelry shadow creation can make it trustworthy and desirable.

Generating accurate and contrasty color to a jewelry photo makes it eyes pleasing. As jewelry images are shiny and glittery by adding the perfect color will make the photo attention grabber of the customer. But if the color overwhelms your product it will do the opposite. Tradexcel graphics work with the experience of color correction and separation that ensures flawless output.

Editing jewelry photos for the online store or making a product catalogue is a compulsory task. High end jewelry retouching ensures every image of ornaments to be utterly breathtaking by keeping the look as realistic as possible. No matter how famous photographers you use and how amazing images they capture, to impress your consumer with one go you need high-end image retouching.

Experience Our Seamless Workflow

After you have done with shooting just upload your files and send them to us with your requirements and clear instructions.

As soon as we get the file and the instructions, our production starts working immediately. We have the fastest turnaround time.

After completing the first step of image post-processing all the files are checked 3 times by our highly experienced QC’s.

When the 3 step quality assurance is over, we deliver the files to you to download, check and give feedback if you have any.

The files we work and deliver after completing the post-processing are totally ready to use wherever you want to use.

Some of Our Precious Efforts in Action

Pricing of Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Based on the category of ornament photo retouching services prices differs. With high-quality service and the fastest turnaround time, we ensure a competitive price for clients.

Our Basic Jewelry Retouching Service Start @ $1.50

Benefits for Customers with Bulk Orders

15% Off

Who Orders

50-250 Photos


30% Off

Who Orders

250-1000 Photos

50% Off

Who Orders

1000-5000 Photos

Photography has been rushed by the strong demand and the necessity to fix the image quality through image editing process due to the continuous development of modern technology. When jewelry photoshoot for advertising, the jewelry product images go under the loupe for alteration.

What Does Jewelry Photo Retouching Refer To?

Jewelry photo retouching is a classy modification which refers to superior quality tweaking for a glittering look. It aims is to make stylish jewelry items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants or brooches photo more eye-catching. In general, a dull and opaque jewelry picture does not attract the buyer. People do not feel the interest to bring the jewelry purchase just as that it does not look attractive to them. That’s why it’s of little worth if the jewelry photo doesn’t create the minimal charm which fails to catch the customers’ attention ultimately. But an image editing company with having outstanding jewelry photo editing services can help you out to get rid of this distress by providing refined and shiny images. Team TradeXcel Graphics makes you sure about that you will have more dazzling and appealing jewelry photos by which you’ll make the remarkable results.

Who Is This Photo Retouching Services Suitable for?

jewelry photo editing services are intended for commercial purposes. TradeXcel Graphics cater to through their photo editing services of jewelry pieces for individual customers.

Retouched jewelry pictures are suitable for:

  • Professional shutterbugs for Jewelry photography
  • Jewelry design catalogs and brochures publishers
  • Fashion and Jewelry magazines
  • Advertising agencies
  • Online/Offline Jewelry Retailers
  • eCommerce Sites and Small Online Stores

Jewelry photo editing Services at TradeXcel Graphics: What Can We Do?

TradeXcel Graphics is reliable and able to retouch up nearly about any jewelry items through high-quality jewelry photo editing service.

Our jewelry image retouching services include:

  • Color correction is necessarily crucial for jewelry photo editing process.
  • Effects with Photoshop directions are made naturally without over retouching.
  • Removing defects like zits or unwanted spots from the jewelry items.
  • Jewelry background retouching is a must-have idea in every jewelry editing direction.
  • Adjusting contrast and improving darks.
  • Making polished and lustrous images for a stunning look.
  • Removing defects to make the best and most sold items catalog.
  • In jewelry editing, we keep a close watch on the core and cleanings.

You can’t but appreciate our high end retouching technique for editing and altering jewelry background images.

Why Is Our Jewelry Image Retouching Services Very Impressive?

Jewelry Image Retouching is typically complex retouching task which involves hard-working processes requiring much time and efforts.

Jewelry products retain one of the most popular items out on the market that is adorable and favorable to the women.

When marketing of this type of products online, the retailers and venders need allured and realistic product images.

In this way, the clients feel attraction for the items which drives them to bring the purchase.

It’s also helpful for those who are looking for web image optimization service for eCommerce business growth.

  • TradeXcel Graphics has a group of experts for this kind of work
  • Our company has been working in the image editing business for over a decade.
  • We have globally earned good reputation from our customers
  • Our designers are competent enough to retouch thousands of product images on a day-to-day basis.
  • Here in TradeXcel Graphics, you’ll find an easy payment method and supportive customer service.
  • Our company provides flawless service 24/7 operation without observing the usual holidays.
  • TradeXcel Graphics team is committed to delivering 100% quality satisfaction!

Thus, we warmly welcome you to the high-quality services offered by TradeXcel Graphics.

Why Is the Jewelry Photo Editing at TradeXcel Graphics Essential for Your Product?

Our expert team can proactively provide different services for Jewelry, Product, Beauty and Glamour Retouching at rock-bottom pricing.

Jewelry photo editing is essential when

  • Fine-tuning of color
  • Adjusting contrast and sharpness
  • Correction of light and color
  • Drawing out defects like scratches, hollows and blurs
  • Redrawing of important parts
  • Eliminating dark spots from metal
  • Remove dips, scratches from Photographs
  • Yellow tint on white diamond removal
  • Modifying color for precious metals like platinum, gold.

Through perfect retouching, we offer a one-stop solution for any image retouching services.

Request Your Customized Quote Now. It’s Absolutely Free!

You can try our brilliant image editing services for an optimal result. We try our level best to benefit your business through our impeccable tasks.

If you have any query about our free trial or want to know the retouch up jewelry photography pricing, just send us an email at

You can also check our portfolio by clicking the link here.

Benefits of Jewelry Photo Editing Service at TradeXcel Graphics

We do image editing and photo retouching services of precious materials like platinum, titanium and gold jewelry design images with 100% satisfaction.

  • Clipping path, background removal and natural shadow
  • Add clarity to gemstones, diamonds
  • Metal polishing and gap repairing
  • Lower cost on a large project
  • Get immediate notifications
  • Photoshop layers file included
  • No copyright issues with images

In this way, we add value to your palpable jewelry photos with our top-notch jewelry photo editing services.

How We Improve Image Quality with Jewelry Retouching?

While looking after better out-turns, the main focusing is nothing but Perfection.

Professional Retouchers of TradeXcel Graphics can remove any peripheral glare source upon the visible quality of light reflection on precious gemstones or diamonds.’ This veiling brightness is caused by indecent exposure to light.

Using healing brushes, our experts crystalize poor reflection and remove blackish reflections as well.

Our skilled jewelry retouching team can do the whole thing to provide sharp and bright images of gems and precious stones. They can maintain color consistency and sharpness as well.

Plus, our designers can remove the undesired marks and scratches during the Jewelry Photo shootIn addition, they emphasize on revealing the real depth of luxury jewelry along with natural color and clarity.

Clipping PathPhoto Color CorrectionBackground Removal and Shadow Effect are essential for jewelry image editing. When it comes to modifying proper color tonality level and sharpness for crisp and glittering images, these are a useful aspect of this photo editing process.

Besides Adobe Photoshop, our experts are adept at using the other photo editor software like LightRoom, RawTherapee, LightZone, ON1 Photo RAW, DxO PhotoLab, DarkTable, Capture One Pro, etc.

So, we guarantee you to retain the natural light for a better visual experience of the image as well as improve your sales and conversation rate through our Jewelry Photo Retouching Services.

Photo Editing and Retouching: Best Service for Jewelry Business

Do you know when a product gets more sale?

And, why does the image of your good product fail to catch the attention of buyers?

Well, no byzantine in it! We’ll disclose the secret. Let’s explore.

When a product image lacks any defect and gets a realistic image look, it drives more traffic and generates more sales than the worse ones.

Based on a dependable report, roughly 72% viewers, when shopping online, want to see no less than 3 to 5 of the same product images before deciding to bring the purchase.

We, at TradeXcel Graphics, offer the best jewelry photo retouching service over the globe.

People most likely love to see the complete image of a product which they really want to buy.

The front or rear portion isn’t sufficient enough, and it won’t help them understand what they want in the product.

Unfortunately, your product appears with the same look and this will allow people to see just the front or back part.

TradeXcel Graphics has been working for a long time across different sectors of the image processing industry. From every angle, we know the outlay of jewelry model photos in your business.

Nevertheless, sporadic photographs during jewelry photoshoot do not help to show the jewelry products from every angle.

Yet, we evaluate client’s decision and its importance for coming to your side.

Jewelry Photo Editing is not something adjusting brightness and contrast or adding clarity to the images, correcting the color, or image clipping. It also involves complicated tasks like modifying the color for precious gems and stones, repairing the holes on costly metals.

We blend our expertise and experience using high-end photo editing technique to engage customers with your jewelry products. The result of high-end photo retouching for jewelry pictures is the sale increasing strategy.

Consider Us for the Best photo editing and retouching services for definite results.

Jewelry retouching and photo editing is a difficult task which aims at improving the appeal of the jewelry items. This technique involves the combination of image editing and image retouching process.


Jewelry Photo Background Removal

Jewelry photo retouching is a complex type photo retouching technique. This ultra-fine work requires meticulous attention and skill for removing jewelry photo background from jewelry images.

This process involves removing scratches, dust and unwanted marks, damaged picture restoration following manipulation process along with retouching technique.

Shadow Creation for Jewelry Image

When jewelry photos just don’t look attractive, adding shadow or giving three-dimensional effect improve the look of a raw image. This is where jewelry shadow creation comes in useful.

Giving a realistic look all through jewelry retouching, shadow creation for jewelry product images just boom it for utter benefit. But the essential part is using it in the ways so that it contains exact logical flaws.

Jewelry Photo Color Correction

Enhancing the image quality to bring the glittering look can give an eye-catching effect.  Jewelry retouching is an essential part when it comes to jewelry photo editing for adjusting color tonality and brightness.

Tradexcel Graphics has become the industry leader and deliver ground-breaking image editing services for color separationsimage clippingphoto restoration services, etc.

Our experts work with hundreds of clients from different parts of the world, which helps us earn reputations around the earth.

Customers all over the world found our professionals beneficial in their business’s growth process interact. You will find TradeXcel Graphics as a jocund company with competent human resources who can understand and meet your image processing needs.

Clear Jewelry Background Images Improve Your Products Sale

When a buyer’s craving for online shopping, they usually want to buy those items which have nice and perfect product images. So, a product seller or a vender should display items on online platforms with the use of attractive background for jewelry pictures.

When an online goods seller uses the jewelry photos with jewelry models photography, it doesn’t help grab the attraction of buyers more than without a dummy.

So, the jewelry retouching service, undoubtedly, is essentially important when selling jewelry items online. Big tech companies or B2B cross border e-Commerce platforms like amazon, eBay, Walmart or DHgate have some pertinent T & C for product photography.

Hence, if you want to increase your jewelry product sell, image retouching technique for jewelry images are extremely useful which you can’t but apply.

Clear jewelry background images – hit big sales!

Our Services

From clipping path service for background removal, colour separation, shadow creation to image masking service for ensuring the finest image editing with blurry and fuzzy edges, we cover it all.  Want to know which category of photo editing you need? We bring to you the in-depth description of the category of image editing services and what we can offer you in our services area.


Starts @ $0.49

Retailers or photographers everyone looks forward to the image quality…

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Starts @ $0.99

When selling products or vending online, displaying images of your garments …

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Starts @ $0.95

Photo retouching or airbrushing is used to fix any fault and improve the …

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Starts @ $0.95

Cutting a good revenue from the


Starts @ $0.75

Image masking in Photoshop allows the removal of a few sharp …

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Starts @ $0.90

Modifying the color correction, varying to altered colors or recoloring to …

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Most frequent questions and answers

Jewelry product photos are hard to get perfect in raw format. As it is made by reflective elements, it reflects everything whether it is light or shadow. It attracts dust also. So the only fix these issues is with retouching it in post-processing. So if you are a jewelry retailer then you need this service. Whether you make a catalog or want to sell online, perfect jewelry photos should be the number one priority.

Adobe photoshop cc is the champion in this section without any doubt. It gives the photoshop experts all the manual control that can help to create a masterpiece of a jewelry photo. In jewelry photo retouching, experts need to clip the edges of the jewelry and then remove the background and props from it. After that they remove dust blemishes, scratches etc… Photoshop CC covers all of them with ease.

You can do the image retouching by yourself if you know how to do it but if you need professional editing and you are short of time then you can outsource your project to us. This will allow you to give more time to focus on what you do best. The price of photo retouching totally depends on the image. If the photo needs a basic level of retouching then the starting price is 0.75$ and with the increasing level of complexity the price increases as well.

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