Image Masking Service

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Creating a clipping mask around objects which have hazy edges can often produce results that are far from perfect. This is why we always strive to ensure that every picture you send to us is finished to the most thorough standards. Our image masking service also deals with photos that are not fit for a standard clipping path. Our highly skillful graphic designers deliver wonderful results to clients who expect nothing but the best, using the latest Photoshop masking techniques. These allow them to remove backgrounds from images like hair or foliage on trees to create consistently professional looking, sharp and smooth edges.



Image Masking Service is generally used for creating product catalogs. It is used together with clipping path technique in knocking out the background of complex image to be positioned for advertisement display in e-commerce website or photo manipulation.

Utilities and advantages of Image Masking Service:

  •  Remove/knockout background using gradient transparencies from images
  • Cut out or isolate the desired image minus the embedded background (in glass)
  • Create transparency without having the translucency distorted
  • Alter or use modified backgrounds
  • Eliminate background colors from images originating from translucent image
  •  Enable masking for hair, as well as semi-transparent muslin or chiffon
  • Create advertisements, covers for magazines, and several items with model
  • save intricate silhouette selection with the image for future use
  • Enable the Dropping Shadows of Desired Image to work efficiently with fine edges

There are items or products image that require image masking service. These include:

  • Replicas and human pictures with raising and flying hairs (i.e., hair masking)
  • Animals with raising hairs, for instance, lions (i.e., fur masking)
  • Translucent things such as smoke, glass, lightning, highlights, etc.
  • Jewelries with fine edges
  • Natural matter, like landscapes, flowers, trees, bad effect etc.

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