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Image Masking

Masking involves the process of omitting unwanted fur or hair from a model or product; sometimes, it becomes challenging to remove hair from an image since they are small particles. The whole process needs special attention and skills; detailed long and lengthy experiences are available to make everything look perfect as per what you will request. The work is always complex, and without the right editor, you are likely to get what you were not prepared for.

For perfect and highly experienced hair masking professional for any of your photos, the Clipping Path Service Providers will be at your heed all time. From layer mask, transparent and white background to the alpha channel, you will be satisfied to the fullest; a specific team specializing in image masking has perfectly mastered every technique in this section.

Why Outsource Image Masking Service to us?

  • Competitive Price
  • Fastest Turnaround
  • Guaranteed NDA
  • Skilled Resources

If you run for the cheapest price you will find it but you will get moderate, sometimes even low-quality image editing service. It doesn’t mean we are telling you to spend more because we know price is always an issue. So we at TGL, offer you premium quality image editing services at a  competitive price.

With big projects, meeting deadlines gets tougher and tougher. You get distracted due to workload and your business might get hampered because of that. No matter how big your project is, TGL offers you a lightning-fast turnaround time. With us, you can relax and concentrate on your part of the job.

We respect your work and know what it takes to make something unique. With that belief, Tradexcel Graphics provides guaranteed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) support from us for your project. We also ensure secure file transfer with faster internet speed and a hassle-free payment process. Respect and trust are the two things that we work for.

With over 170+ skilled photoshop experts, we believe we have established the best in business working process for the cutout process. As image cutout is a tiresome job, continuous supervision and attention to detail are required. At TGL, we blend experience and technology together. Your project is our responsibility..

What Makes Tradexcel Graphics Different

Discover why many of the world’s best brands choose to work with Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. Make an impact in your retail and photography business with us. 


170+ Skilled Resources

Skilled resources are key to our success, we keep them up to date with current trend and technology.

Quick Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, it can be as low as 4 hours for emergency purposes.

24/7 Operation

The TGL production team and customer service operates 24/7 for your convenience.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is our main strength, our skilled resources are commuted to deliver the guaranteed quality.

Response Time

We are commuted to response to any query within 10 minutes

Types of Ghost Mannequin Effect Service We Provide:

Photoshop image masking service enhances the viewing experiences of the audiences. It has a few categories to work with. Professional Photoshop experts like we have can provide this time-consuming image editing service at the fastest possible time.


Layer Masking Service

When we have multiple objects that needed to do image masking in order to separate the photo background, we make a separate layer for separate objects and masks them independently. It helps us a few ways like we can name the layer according to the object it contains. So in the latter part of the image post-processing, if needed we can identify it with ease. You can edit all the objects separately whenever you want.

Alpha Masking Service

We use alpha channel masking after the background of our images were isolated so that we can work on the brightness, contrast, color, exposure, etc… later when we need it. We normally save our images in the alpha channel mode after the background removal is done. These files are suitable for uploading and downloading as these files are lightweight. Image masking service works best with a plain background image.

Fur &Hair Masking Service

Soft edges, hair, fur, fuzzy edges are hard to clip with the clipping path technique. Image masking service is the best image editing solution to work with images containing fur or hair. To further sharpen the image we also tackle the exposure problems that affect the natural appearance from color, contrast, and luminosity. To put hairy and furry product images on white background masking is the only hope.

Transparent Masking Service

Transparent products like glasses, bottles, glass jars, pure water, and lenses need masking to remove the backgrounds. In terms of visibility and clarity, materials make the difference between transparent and translucent subjects. Translucent objects require the partial light formation and also partial imaging. Image masking provides a flawless background removing for the transparent and translucent product images.

Experience Our Seamless Workflow

The following are some simple steps that should guide you on how to reach us and access our services:

First, you need to request a quote of all the images you would want to be edited for the company

In less than forty-five minutes, you will receive an email that has your quote

Allow us to continue working on your project

In less than six hours, you will get your photos or images perfectly worked on to satisfy your needs.

For any photo editing services for your professional product or model, you can be assured to get quality service from Arafin Media

Some of Our Precious Efforts in Action

Prices of Image Masking Services

Photoshop image masking service is a tiresome image editing process. Our photoshop experts work day and night to provide this service so that we can ensure the fastest turnaround time and competitive price.

Our Basic Image Masking Service Start @ $0.75

Benefits for Customers with Bulk Orders

15% Off

Who Orders

50-250 Photos


30% Off

Who Orders

250-1000 Photos

50% Off

Who Orders

1000-5000 Photos

Before moving on the main topic, you might have confusion about ‘what is image masking?” It is an extraordinary image clipping service to satisfy clients’ need. Experts use various tools of Adobe CC 2019 Master Collection, the latest release of Adobe software, or others to go in for Image Masking Service.

What Is Image Masking Service?

Now, image masking allows the removal of background, mask the layer, remove the hair or fur, and distinguish different objects, etc.

Applying the technique for masking images in photoshop, an expert can take a complex image away in a sensitive way to yield an improved image. When implementing clipping path photoshop does not bring the desired result, this method shows a better result.

Tradexcel Graphics masks images to enhance the appeal of the picture with a complex background.

If you are looking for an impressive masking service, you can send us an e-mail at or just fill out the form below.  We’ll reply to all your queries.

What This Best Photo Processing Service Is Appropriate for

This strategy is followed by cutting off the multiple sharp or transparent objects like furry or sharp edges, muslin, siphon, etc.

This best photo processing service suitable for

  • Remove or isolate an image without embedding background
  • Create ads, magazine covers with models, etc.
  • Applying drop shadows to an image with fine edges
  • Images of fashion models with raising and flying hairs
  • Translucent and transparent objects
  • Animals with raising hairs
  • Jewelry with a sharp edge
  • Natural panorama.

We apply the updated features of software on the photographs of our shutterbugs to learn the best use.

Our experts are confident and happy to assure you that we don’t experiment with our clients’ images. We don’t offer any service without the perfect skill.

Why the Image Masking at TradeXcel Graphics Effective?

Do you know the transparent milieu improves the product’s appearance? The transparent background represents the inner beauty of the product.

Increase the product appeal improves the sale in the market. TradeXcel Graphic is efficient in applying the entire image masking technique to improve your reliability.

Thus, the image masking in photoshop reduces your effort and saves money. And the result is superb: you’ll have the perfect photograph.

As the best online photo retouching service, our experts are efficient in many ways.

In this era of globalization, we have well-furnished our image editing lab with latest devices and software. We offer the best online photo editing service.

After starting our journey in 2006, we have fixed several strategies and gather skills to serve the best. We did a lot of hard work to become the best Photoshop image masking service provider.

The ultimate quality masking at an unbelievable low cost also plays an important part to get this position.

  • Save investment and Time
  • Improve Image Attraction
  • Removing the unwanted object
  • Fixing the resolution
  • Create more profit for you

Benefits of Photo Masking Services at TradeXcel Graphics

Photo masking service is essential for online shops, product owners, e-commerce sites, designers, and photographers, etc. You may find tons of benefits of the Photoshop image masking.

  • No worry or hard work for removing the unwanted object
  • Keep every piece of the original image
  • No consideration for unwanted or desired background
  • Making the desired background with an image or leave it transparent
  • Improve the sale volume of your business by attracting more customers
  • Increase the appeal of your product
  • Crucial for product SEO in e-commerce

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How to Get a Crisp Image with Masking Photoshop Service

Masking photoshop service is such an ingenious way of image manipulation using the Photoshop Pen Tool.

The key services of image masking are:

  • Layer Masking
  • Clipping Mask
  • Masking Alpha Channel
  • Transparent Object Masking

Let me precisely describe those for you.

  1. Layer masking is a remarkable way to hide or reveal a certain portion of the image. A skilled artist applies this technique in such a way by using Photoshop selection or painting tools.
  2. Clipping Mask is a set of layers to apply for a mask. This is such a technique that makes the areas noticeable when keeping in an itemized shape.
  3. Masking Alpha Channel is a process applied for converging one of the pixel’s colors with another one. It allows defining the resulting color important for animation allowing to create rectangular shapes seems irregular.
  4. Transparent Object Masking involves masking by detaching the entire background from the image. Then an expert with sound knowledge changes the photo with a new background. Thus, it gives a translucent or transparent look with visible color.

Besides all those, fur and hair masking in Photoshop, masking color and vector mask in Photoshop are notable.

TradeXcel Graphics entered the image editing industry in 2006. We have helped hundreds of clients in thousands of projects with our image masking technique.

After struggling few months, our game-changing strategy globally makes us the best image masking service provider.

What Can Tradexcel Graphics Do for You?

Tradexcel Graphics has complete dedication toward clients helps us to grow more with changing clients demand. It is also helpful for us to satisfy our clients.

The experts of Tradexcel Graphics are efficient in applying the image masking technique. They can change the photo background naturally using the best photo masking software without leaving any manipulation trace.

You will never imagine the original background after their work because Tradexcel Graphics do their task with the ultimate skill and without impacting the subject.

Our experts are familiar with SkyLum Luminar, Adobe Photoshop, Phase 1 Capture, DxOPhotoLab, Element, etc.

Working in collaboration with different famous photographers and image processing lab, we get enormous experience to use updated premium tools.

Our image masking experts are competent in:

  • Creating a small bit map which can help designers, and photo editor
  • Extraction of image object and backdrops
  • Creating an RGBA file which can helpful for future edit
  • Effective in removing the sharp object like fur or hairy object
  • Distinguishing the sharp edges of an object
  • Removal of the glossy object for an image with the transparent object
  • Improvement of the attraction of the image objects
  • Creation of random colors
  • Controlling the pixel of the photograph

We are unique in the image masking technique because we can reproduce our work accurately and concisely. Our professionals are very cordial to know your requirement completely.

Therefore, you will be very comfortable in sharing your thoughts.

Best Online Photo Editing Service to Offer for Your Business

Image masking is not the same as the removal of background like the clipping path or fixing color like the color correction technique.

Image masking reduces the effort and cost of changing the background. Therefore, you can click as many angles as possible in the same background to get the masterpiece.

Our experts can deliver top class service in the entire worldThey are able to change the background professionally according to your needs.

We also learn to behave professionally with our clients. TradeXcel Graphics is proud to have the highly professional client support team for 24/7.

Our team cordially deals with the client in a professional manner. They are used to providing a satisfactory output for different individuals.

What is the key to the success of the project do you think? TradeXcel Graphics understands that it is your comfortable sharing of the requirement. Unless we understand your demand clearly, we can’t provide you with 100%.

Abilities that help us to become the best are following-

  • A clear understanding of image masking, layer fixing, and background removal
  • Deep knowledge of image formatting
  • Creative work output for your purpose suitability
  • Zero compromises with quality of work
  • Competitive rate for the upgrade work
  • Pricing revision for bulk orders
  • Always pessimist in clients dealing
  • 24/7 clients support with a smile
  • Familiar with the latest technology and premium software

Our global clients’ recommendations are the main reason for our inspiration. This makes us the best Photoshop image masking service provider over the globe.

Why Are the Image Masking Services Vital for your product?

Are you wondering about the failure of the best clipping path service? Do you find it ineffective to remove the background from your transparent product’s picture? You may have a prominent transparent product on eCommerce but it does not cut a good sale. One of the possible reasons is the outlook of your image that doesn’t have an impressive look. Hence, you can try, TradeXcel Graphics, the best photo editing company to assist you. As the first look creates an impression among the visitors, you become defeated. Appealing outlook improves the visitors’ interest in your product which is necessary to generate the sale. What we learned from our experience and complete research is amazing! Visitors like a transparent image background for sharp edge or transparent product. They also like multiple layer background. Surprisingly, the stat for e-commerce products image is 38%! The regularclipping path service is inefficient to make a clear image background which has a transparent object in it. Our image masking techniques can help you to get the desired images very quickly.

Image Masking Generates Bounty of Profits for Business

Without any doubt, the best image masking service seller in the globe can increase your business ROI. Therefore, you should try our quality for a fruitful deal.

Our Services

Working to provide the best to our customers, it offers various services from clipping path, photo retouching, multiple clipping, color matching, image masking, and invisible mannequin. Clipping path service is dedicated to providing your business with the best photo editing services and assistance to enable your business to develop. Arafin Media’s primary goal is to offer reasonable, great, secure, and quick image editing for everyone using photography for their business development.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Image masking is a photo editing process done in Photoshop for covering parts of an image that you don’t want and exposing sections. It’s a non-destroying operation of fixing unwanted parts among all the photo editing services. It allows you, most of the time, to later tweak the mask if necessary.

Basically, the layer mask is for visibility of the parts of your image you want to or not. The layer mask helps us to modify the layer transparency. Any element can be completely invisible or partly visible. This part of the picture is entirely transparent if we paint with black on the mask.

First, select the layers panel and there you will find the mask button at the bottom of the layer panel in photoshop.

Layer masking is for modifying the layer transparency mostly. Any element can be completely invisible or partly visible. To use the masking tool all you need to do is insert your image in photoshop and create a duplicate layer of your image by pressing Ctrl+J.

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