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Photo Manipulation

Sometimes we see some masterpiece of photography that stays with us for a long time. Photo manipulation boosts your creative imagination and helps to make masterpiece images. Creative photographers always want to capture their creativity, but it is impossible to portray a vision straight from the camera.

By using image editing techniques like manipulation, one can bring their imagination into life. Because of that, image manipulation has become one of the most popular image editing processes in the clipping path.  It is not only for creative photographers, but it helps commercial people also. The fundamental idea behind this function is to ensure that two different images fit together.

You can use an image for manipulation in many ways. Whether you want the effects of light and velocity shift or a particular picture reveals visually attractive objects. This type of feature is popular, especially when editing clothing and style wardrobes images.

Why Outsource Image Masking Service to us?

  • Competitive Price
  • Fastest Turnaround
  • Guaranteed NDA
  • Skilled Resources

If you run for the cheapest price you will find it but you will get moderate, sometimes even low-quality image editing service. It doesn’t mean we are telling you to spend more because we know price is always an issue. So we at TGL, offer you premium quality image editing services at a  competitive price.

With big projects, meeting deadlines gets tougher and tougher. You get distracted due to workload and your business might get hampered because of that. No matter how big your project is, TGL offers you a lightning-fast turnaround time. With us, you can relax and concentrate on your part of the job.

We respect your work and know what it takes to make something unique. With that belief, Tradexcel Graphics provides guaranteed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) support from us for your project. We also ensure secure file transfer with faster internet speed and a hassle-free payment process. Respect and trust are the two things that we work for.

With over 170+ skilled photoshop experts, we believe we have established the best in business working process for the cutout process. As image cutout is a tiresome job, continuous supervision and attention to detail are required. At TGL, we blend experience and technology together. Your project is our responsibility..

What Makes Tradexcel Graphics Different

Discover why many of the world’s best brands choose to work with Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. Make an impact in your retail and photography business with us. 


170+ Skilled Resources

Skilled resources are key to our success, we keep them up to date with current trend and technology.

Quick Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, it can be as low as 4 hours for emergency purposes.

24/7 Operation

The TGL production team and customer service operates 24/7 for your convenience.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is our main strength, our skilled resources are commuted to deliver the guaranteed quality.

Response Time

We are commuted to response to any query within 10 minutes

Types of Photo Manipulation Service We Provide:

Image manipulation can take any ordinary image to a new level and provide breathtaking outcomes. In this image post-processing service, there is a space for both creativity and commercial growth

Changing the background of a photo not only need technical skills but also require creative imagination. The background is not just a surface that stays back of your subject, it is a way of complementing your subject. Enlarge the viewing experience of your audience and stuns them by changing the backdrop that is perfect for your image.

The neck joint service is a commercial manipulation service that is used to showcase your product online and generate revenue. We calculate the ratios and scale accurately and use neck joint techniques to highlight the most essential features of the product and maintain reality. Post your photos with your requirements, criteria, and goals to us and in an approximate calculation, we will come back to you immediately.

Keep your old memories intact and fresh with old photo restoration service. Photos are the digital print of an event that lasts for a long time so do the memories of that event. But with the time old photos get damaged and this image manipulation service helps to restore that image and also the memory with it. Work with Premium manipulation company like us with clients all around the world.

Changing the color of an image can change the whole perception of that image. Color correction, changing, and separation all these processes require manipulation skills. We study structures, subjects, background, and foreground. We are precise in measuring color ratios and dimensions, and use manipulation techniques that bring the true potential of it. With this technique, photo editors can produce a creative and colorful image.

Experience Our Seamless Workflow

After you have done with shooting just upload your files and send them to us with your requirements and clear instructions.

As soon as we get the file and the instructions, our production starts working immediately. We have the fastest turnaround


After completing the first step of image post-processing all the files are checked 3 times by our highly experienced


When the 3 step quality assurance is over, we deliver the files to you to download, check and give feedback if you have any.

The files we work and deliver after completing the post-processing are totally ready to use wherever you want to


Some of Our Precious Efforts in Action

Pricing of Photo Manipulation Service

We have the perfect balance of creative experts for your branding and advertising. Pricing of this technique mostly depends on the image complexity but we tried to keep it minimal.

Our Basic Ghost Mannequin Effect Service Start @ $0.90

Benefits for Customers with Bulk Orders

15% Off

Who Orders

50-250 Photos


30% Off

Who Orders

250-1000 Photos

50% Off

Who Orders

1000-5000 Photos

Photo manipulation means manipulation photography with the purpose of altering or modifying Photographs. An ultimate use of different techniques helps create allured images for constructive tenacities.

What Is Photo Manipulation Service?

Photo Manipulation Service is well suited to professional photo retouching services. It allows correcting face, enhancing the glamour and the glaze of the image, and fixing the light and pixel. Experts use various Photo editing tools to improve the allure and protecting the master clicks from disputes.

TradeXcel Graphics has a successful history of digital image manipulation by retouching them most efficiently. Our pros use the updated tools to provide a more appealing look to your product images.

Are you an individual like “can someone Photoshop my picture for me” type? Is “cheap retouching services for image manipulation” something that you need? Then, complete the underneath form to get us. We are the exact service provider for you.

Who Is This Photoshop Manipulation Service Suitable for?

The creative Photoshop manipulation service can improve your products’ sales. This is helpful for e-commerce sites as it helps by dragging more potential customers toward you.

Not only for the adventure click but also for the e-commerce site, image manipulation is helpful.

It is clear that attracting things have more demand in e-commerce rather than a good product with a low-class presentation.

Photo manipulation service is recreating the missing parts, airbrushing to improve glaze, fixing the unnecessary marks, etc. which is different from the clipping path or image masking service.

You may find a common term for image manipulation is image retouching, which is not only a cost-saving technique but also an effort-saving technique. It is a useful way to engage clients to you by improving the glaze of the product.

Why Is Our Image Editing Services Very Impressive?

Changes demand the implementation which is vital to improving the gesture for sure. Here lies the demand to be thriving for an image manipulation online business using an appealing image. We offer:


  • Professional and a wide variety of image editing service under the same roof
  • Enhance the embedding beauty of a natural image
  • Quick and effective communication medium creation by image manipulation
  • Creative in fixing the pixel, color, and brightness
  • Innovative in creating the missing parts
  • Correcting color and other lightening impacts to make the image suitable for the purpose
  • Correct the texture and highlight the beauty parts


We can create an impressive image even from a garbage photograph.

Benefits of Digital Manipulation Photos at TradeXcel Graphics

Digital manipulation photos are a way which is successful in many areas of taking photographs. Whether photography is for modeling or adventurous, you will find the portrait manipulation ideas beneficial far and wide.


Benefits of image or portrait manipulation are enormous and perfect use can bring business for you. You can find hundreds of benefits of the best photo retouching services to a great extent.


Our skill, reliability and budget-friendly rates help us become the best creative photo manipulation service over the earth.


TradeXcel Graphics has few qualifications, which helps us to grow in today’s position, for instance:

  • Vast knowledge and expertise of image manipulation
  • Enormous skill in creative face, glaze, and photography retouch
  • Vigorous expertise in the enhancement of a photograph
  • Purpose oriented image manipulation
  • Best quality at a cheap rate
  • Pessimistic in handling clients an extreme situation
  • Famous for using the updated technologies


We don’t confine ourselves in the local market. We have clients from each continent of the world. For serving the world, we establish the corporate office of the creative image manipulation service.


What are you waiting for? Complete this form or send a query mail at to get your free quote.

How to Improve the Quality of Image with Photo manipulation?

Photo manipulation is the technique to edit a Photo by creating illusion or deception in Photographs. This is a combination of the both analog and digital method. It helps enhance and recover the visible quality of a normal photo to an extraordinary one.


Use of artistic effect and right apprehension is a variable in a given situation that makes image manipulation as a thought-provoking application. This procedure is important more than it involves technique and skills set.


You can alter images using manipulation for good to achieve desired results. Using a lot of things, you can extract the unwanted elements and add more attraction, or improve color to a black and white photo.


Images are taken digitally, and you can digitalize opaque pictures, negatives or printed images. This manipulation technique is much more complicated than you can hardly think it off.


This service includes several types of Photograph manipulation services. But here we are depicting not many of them.


Photo-montage effect is the most extensive technique having a massive impact on your Photo. a single photo can be produced applying this method after combining multiple Photographs. It even allows stocking Photos of events and location based on your requirements.


Photo colorizing allows adding your own color to an old photo. This manipulation technique helps black and white photos look more colorful.


Photo art is an interior design technique to apply for your captured photos. You can beautify or set up different typical moods using own piece of contemporary art.

What Can TradeXcel Graphics Do for You?

From the year 2006, we have been providing the creative image manipulation service not only in the US but also rest of the world. The main services of image manipulation are:
  • Manipulation of face and portrait
  • Glamour manipulation
  • Photography manipulation
  • Photo enhancement
Tradexcel Graphics was born as a freelance image editing company. Therefore, we start to grow in between hard competitions. This enriches our skill to provide any demanding service to our client’s or the image editing outsourcing companies whom we work for at the cheapest rate. The image manipulation professionals are imaginative in
  • To save a masterpiece by creating the missing elements by an imagination
  • In-depth viewing of the future purpose of use
  • Fixing the unusual elements and picture noise
  • Depicting the perfect illumination in an image
  • Correcting the fade or brightness of image color
  • Fixing the pixel to make it suitable to serve the purpose
  • Input the glamour to an image by improving the attractive body elements of a model like an eyelid, cheek, lips, nail, hair, etc.
  • Fixing multiple unsolved issues impossible to fix in real capturing
We gain our today’s industry-leading position by providing the committed photo manipulation services to our client’s to satisfy their demands.

Best Photo Manipulation Service in Bangladesh

Have you ever thought, you passed in front of a lion quickly in Kenya and clicked a fabulous snap but forget to adjust the lenses? Everything is fine but the objects’ face is blurring. It’s garbage! But TradeXcel Graphics can save the master click by using the best picture manipulation service in the globe. Therefore, your image capturing will be free from considering the undesired situation. Vast working experience in the image editing sector enables us to understand the value of a great image. Tradexcel Graphics knows the cost and time behind the photographs. As the Photo Manipulation ideas are important to make a useless capture in a fruitful look, you will definitely get a waiver in your invest. Image manipulation is freedom! Without thinking about any adjustment, you can click. TradeXcel Graphics guarantees that not a single click will waste. Of course, a perfect click can be amazing while applying the image manipulation ideas. But it is no longer a mandatory requirement for the photographers. Freedom in capturing allows you to concentrate more. Therefore, you will be able to click more engaging pictures. For the rest, the creative image manipulation service beneath the earth can be useful. Although we prefer using Adobe Photoshop, we have familiarities with Lightroom classic, Element, Corel PaintShop Pro, Apple Photo, etc.

Image Manipulation at TradeXcel Graphics: Why Is It Essential for Your Business?

Our flourishing records of accomplishment are the evidence for our success. Now we can claim of the best creative Image manipulation service in the world.

We have added and can add potential value to your business. You can cash it out by proper utilization of the master image. It helps to:

  • Save money by saving master clicks from being waste
  • Improve the glamour of the beauty parts of the models
  • Add glaze and glossiness to a product
  • Creative in creating the missing image parts
  • Worry-free clicking in an adventure trip
  • Drag potential customers toward you and have a high conversion

We prefer implementing the image manipulation ideas by using Adobe Photoshop. But we have access and can use premium versions of other renowned software.

Image Manipulation Can Boost Up Your Products Sale

We have saved hundreds of master clicks with our innovative image manipulation ideas. Therefore, we are proud to say ourselves as the best creative image manipulation service in this arena.

The number of satisfied clients is more than a hundred. Most of our clients recommend us to others for professional behavior, cheap work rate and high-quality image manipulation.

We have also proven ourselves as the best creative image manipulation service all over the world.

Our Services

From clipping path service for background removal, colour separation, shadow creation to image masking service for ensuring the finest image editing with blurry and fuzzy edges, we cover it all.  Want to know which category of photo editing you need? We bring to you the in-depth description of the category of image editing services and what we can offer you in our services area.


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Retailers or photographers everyone looks forward to the image quality…

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Starts @ $0.99

When selling products or vending online, displaying images of your garments …

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Starts @ $0.95

Photo retouching or airbrushing is used to fix any fault and improve the …

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Cutting a good revenue from the


Starts @ $0.75

Image masking in Photoshop allows the removal of a few sharp …

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Starts @ $0.90

Modifying the color correction, varying to altered colors or recoloring to …

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Most frequent questions and answers

Digital manipulation or photo manipulation is an image post-processing process by which we can alter any image according to our imagination. We can change the background with any backdrop we want and not just the background we can take someone to space by photo manipulation process. The manipulated photo is totally different from the original photo.

Image manipulation has five principles and these are:


  1. Contrast
  2. Parallelism
  3. Symbolism
  4. Simultaneity
  5. Leitmotif

Photo manipulation is a photo editing process that means it’s a part of photo editing. Photo editing and photo manipulation have two different purposes. You may edit photos that do not fall in the criteria of manipulation such as portrait retouching, color correction, clipping path technique etc. On the other hand if you do any sort of photo manipulation it also falls into photo editing criteria. The main purpose of photo editing is printing the photos or publishing them for advertisements or magazines, logo creation, website image, etc… and manipulation is to make your image more attractive for viewers to like it.

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